Friday, October 18, 2013

Meeting Makekup Geek

I had the privilege to meet Marlena aka Makeup Geek at Bloomingdales in San Fransisco. She was at the door greeting everybody that came in. She's stunning in person! She was kind enough to give me a hug and she thanked me for coming. She's so sweet!

Her meet and greet was sectioned off into time blocks so that we (her fans) had more time to spend with her. This was very considerate of her because some of us had to take a long drive to see her. We spent about an hour in the room and we talked about her plans for her line, and we had a Q&A session. It's funny, I was sitting there thinking "she laughs like herself!" She gave off a very genuine vibe.

Then.. we got to take pictures! When it was my turn, she told that she liked my lipstick and that it goes with my skin tone. :D
Upon leaving, we were given a little goodie bag with samples. I was pretty excited because I've never gotten to try her products.
I got a pigment and a pressed eyeshadow pan.
The pigment was in Kryptonite (an olive green color).

The eyeshadow pan was in Country Girl (a reddish-brown color).

These shades were swatched without a base/primer.

These colors are great for fall!

I had a great experience meeting my first makeup guru. I'm definitely going to make it out to her next event!

Hmm... what other Makeup Geek products should I try? :)

Thanks for reading!

<3 jdmlovesmakeup

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