Saturday, October 19, 2013

My "Get started with em" Package

A while ago, I've ordered a "Get Started with em" package from em cosmetics by Michelle Phan. I've seen her products online and I wanted to collect everything (because I'm a makeup junkie like that) but, I already have quite a collection and I probably have dupes of her products. I would love to splurge on her line but I've decided to take up her promotional offer instead to try out her stuff.
If I recall correctly, the promotional offer allowed us to choose the eyeliner and lipstick color.

She's put a lot of thought into the packaging. Here's how the sample palette looks like:

This sample is from the warm fuzzies look of the love life palette.

There are three eyeshadow samples and a lip gloss pan. In the order shown, their names are: puppies & kittens (brown), spring time (purple), teal rain (teal) and misty mauve (light mauve lip gloss).

These were swatched without any base or primer. The eyeshadows were pretty pigmented and they shone in a pretty way in the light. The lip gloss is pretty opaque and slightly sticky.

I chose the eyeliner/waterliner in black knight because I always need to stock up on black eyeliner.

The eyeliner applies very smoothly. I've tried it on my waterline but the black color wasn't as intense. I didn't layer the liner on as much though. It glides beautifully on my upper lash line! It doesn't tug at all and the softness of the application makes the liner very easy to control. I really like it.

I got the lipstick in daredevil because I love dark and bold lip shades.

I would describe it as a dark magenta/almost violet color. It's very emollient. I've swatched it without any base/primer and when I went to wash it off, it really stuck onto my skin. I had to scrub for a little while to get it off. It has good staying power. Although, I've tried eating food with the lipstick on and it came off as expected. So, I would say that it lasts but, if you eat, it may come off. The lipstick is very luxurious and I really like it.

 In the picture above, I've used the eyeshadow puppies and kittens, the eyeliner, and obviously the lipstick. In general, I'm happy with what I got. I think that em is indeed a luxury brand. I wish that the products weren't so expensive. Like Poke Mon, I gotta catch em all - have them all rather because, I love makeup!
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